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The Save-inst service allows you to download photos from Instagram using a link. In addition to photos, the service allows you to work with video and audio recordings, downloading almost any content from a social network. Save-inst works for free, does not require registration. The loader works on computers and smartphones with any operating system. You only need access to the Internet and any browser.

All you need to download is a link to the original content you want to receive.

What Save-inst can do

If you urgently need to get a video or photo from Instagram, use the Save-inst downloader.

The service offers a fairly wide range of functionality:

  1. Viewing your own or someone else’s content with access via one link;
  2. Displaying information about the object (nickname of the author, publication date, likes, comments, etc.);
  3. Saving files on the user’s device in high resolution;
  4. Downloading any content, including packs of slides, videos, etc .;
  5. Automatic links to content art in color and black and white;
  6. Convenient interface, fast bootloader operation.

The loader is suitable even for inexperienced users, thanks to its simple and straightforward functionality.

The main ways to download photos from Instagram

There are several ways to save a photo from Instagram, depending on the device used and the user’s habits.

The developers of the social network did not provide for the standard download of images through a browser with the “Save As” function.

Other ways will work:

  • Through the page code. On your computer, right-click the page and select «View Code». Call the page search by pressing Ctrl+F and enter the query “jpg“. Just paste this line into the address bar and save the image to your computer.
  • Special applications. In the official stores for mobile systems, there are many free applications that will allow you to save content from the social network. Disadvantages of applications in advertisements and watermarks in images.
  • Download on phone and send to PC. Photos are downloaded using the application, then sent to a computer via the cloud, social networks or via a USB cable.

The listed methods are the most common, they have their pros and cons.

How to download Instagram photos on your phone

Saving content through a downloader is an easy procedure that does not require complex skills or actions from the user.

To download a photo from Instagram online via Save-inst, follow a simple algorithm:

Step №1. Copy the link to the content of interest in the application (you need to right-click on it from the computer). In the drop-down list, select the link copy item.

Copy link to image from Instagram
Copy link to image from Instagram

Step №2. Open the Save-inst service and paste the link into the input field.

Insert link to Instagram image
Insert link to Instagram image

Step №3. Click the «Download» button, after the image appears, click «Download» under the image and the download begins.

Downloading the image to the device
Downloading the image to the device

Step №4. After that, the image will be saved in the gallery of your device.

It will take a few seconds to transfer the file to your device, depending on its size and internet speed.

The loader uses standard file formats. They will open on both mobile and stationary devices.

How to download photos from Insta to PC

When working with a PC, slightly different algorithms work. To retrieve an Instagram photo from a computer:

Step №1. Open the site and sign in to your account.


Log in to your Instagram account
Log in to your Instagram account

Step №2. Select a picture and open the picture you will download, find and click the ellipsis symbol. It brings up a context menu with the technical capabilities of the application.


Click the ellipsis at the top right of the image
Click the ellipsis at the top right of the image

Step №3. Copy Link Select «Copy Link». The link to the picture or video will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

Select «Copy Link»
Select «Copy Link»

Step №4. Open the Save-inst website and enter the resulting link in the text field using the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

Enter links in the input field
Enter links in the input field

Step №5. If everything is done correctly, the browser will open the desired image, and then press the «Download» button at the bottom of the image.

Press the button «Download»
Press the button «Download»

Benefits of our service

When downloading photos from Instagram, it is important to choose a service that is safe to use. Some sites disguise viruses and malware as downloadable content.

Save-inst is completely safe and also:

  • Easy to use;
  • Without registration and authorization on Instagram;
  • Instant download without unnecessary ads and dangerous files;
  • You can use the downloader to work with personal and other people’s accounts, provided that the information is in the public domain;
  • Saving takes less than a minute.

Use the Save-inst downloader to instantly save photos and videos from Instagram via direct link. It is safe and fast.

The service does not require authorization in your personal profile, does not save or steal other people’s data.

The site works around the clock, allows you to download content from any open profiles, even if your account is blocked by the owner of the images.

Also, users can download packages of files if the owner has a collage, slideshow, etc. To work with Save-inst, go to the site, to the main page. You can use the service immediately after loading the page.

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