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Instagram photo service is a popular social network that has its own established rules. By default, each account is registered as public, which means that users can view photos and videos without the permission of the author. The developers of the photo service made sure that, if necessary, the profile owner had the opportunity to hide the published information. If the owner closes his account, a limited number of users will be able to view photos and videos. In this regard, the question arises – is it possible to download the content you like from a closed Instagram account. The function is available, but under the following conditions: you must be an approved user of the private page, and also use the features of the free Save-Inst downloader.

Private accounts on the Instagram social network are searchable, but can only be viewed:

  • owner avatar;
  • the number of subscribers;
  • number of profile posts.

The internal content remains inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

In addition, not everyone can become a subscriber of a closed page. To do this, the user must send a request to the profile owner and receive confirmation. The author of a closed account has the right to confirm the request or delete it.

This option helps account holders to be selective in choosing who has access to page content, as well as to maintain confidentiality. If you do not want everyone to subscribe to your account, plan to use it only to communicate with relatives and close friends, in this case we recommend that you make the page private.

Reasons why Instagram accounts are closed:

  • Protection from a constant stream of complaints – according to statistics, this is the most common reason why a page is closed for general use.
  • Advertising from other bloggers – it often happens that you are interested in an advertising message, but in order to see it, you need to subscribe to an account.

If you have firmly decided to close the personal page of the Instagram network, remember that this can only be done through the mobile application, this option is not available on a computer. But remember that the ability to download from Instagram from a closed message profile remains.

Instructions for those who want to close their account in the photo service:

  • go to the Instagram app;
  • click the “profile” tab;
  • click the icon with three horizontal lines;
  • in the list of functions that opens, select “settings”;
  • select the “privacy” tab, then the “account privacy” tab;
  • activate the “closed account” option.

Now all information in the profile is available only to selected users, that is, people for whom you will open access to content.

What can be downloaded from a private Instagram profile

For privacy reasons, some users close their profiles using the privacy settings. This somewhat complicates the situation for those who want to download messages from a closed Instagram on Android, iPhone or computer. Not every downloader allows users to save information from private profiles, but the Save-Inst service can easily cope with the task. You can download:

  • Photo;
  • video;
  • stories;
  • avatar.

The only condition is that you must be a confirmed subscriber of a private profile.

How to download from a closed Instagram account using the Save-Inst service

If you want to download any information (photos, video content, history) from a closed Instagram, use a simple instruction:

  • go to the official website of Instagram;
  • log in to your personal account;
  • find the content you want to download;
  • if using an iPhone, press the three horizontal dots; if Android, press the three vertical dots;
  • in the window that opens, select the “copy link” link;
  • open the downloader site in a new browser tab;
  • insert a link in the appropriate field;
  • click the download button.

On Android, files are saved in the gallery, and on iPhone, in Safari downloads.

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