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Posts on the Instagram social network are a quick way to connect with the audience, tell about important events, and convey a commercial message. But such placements are automatically deleted 24 hours after publication according to the rules of the site. In order not to lose an important post, you can download the story on Instagram. The social network does not have built-in functionality for saving content of any format.

Use the Save-inst service to upload information. The downloader works simply and clearly, the main features are available via the link to the profile with specific content.

How to download stories to your phone

Our resource allows you to download stories both on computers and smartphones.

To interact with the service from your phone:

  1. Open the application as usual;
  2. Go to the page with the required publication;
  3. Call the technical menu by pressing the ellipsis button;
  4. Select “Copy link“;
  5. Enter the Save-inst page;
  6. Hold down the field to insert a network address, select transfer from the clipboard;
  7. Click on the large “Download” sign.

Downloading from a phone takes longer than from a PC. The upload speed depends on the Internet and the power of the device. Most often, the network speed on smartphones with mobile Internet is low, which leads to some delays. The size of the downloaded items is also important.

Transferring files to Android

If your browser is slow on your smartphone, use dedicated Android apps. They allow you to view and save any posts, as well as form lists of favorite content.

To download a story from Instagram on Android, also go to the social network and click on the menu. On this operating system, the settings subsection is a clickable area in the form of a horizontal ellipsis. The download algorithm is similar to the browser version.

IOS save methods

There are also applications through which you can download the iOS Instagram story. Install the downloader from the official store (free), use to insert links and save information.

In Apple Instagram, options are invoked by clicking the area with vertical ellipsis. The functionality of the software for transferring information is similar to the site and version for Android. Please note that mobile versions of software with free installation and operation often contain a lot of ads. This can interfere with the transmission of data packets.

Uploading content from a link

Saving records to network addresses using the service is a convenient option for downloading stories online without ads, viruses and watermarks on the image. Unlike the installed software, the online downloader does not interrupt the work with commercials and other informational garbage.

Simple procedure algorithm:

  1. Log into Instagram. If you are using the browser version of the site, hover the cursor over the address bar and copy the link to the required publication that you will download. In the application, they are copied by clicking on a special item of options.
  2. Navigate to the Save-inst bootloader. On the main page, you will see several subsections: Photo, Video, Story, Profile. You will need the Story section, it is this section that allows you to receive posts of the desired format from the social network.
  3. Paste the address of the required post into the blank field. You copied it earlier, you will need the posting address.
  4. Click the area labeled Download. You need it to download the Instagram story from the link.
  5. Wait for the submission to complete. Saving files using the service usually takes 2-3 minutes.

If you need other types of files (photos, videos, published content from your account), you can also save them using the uploader. To work with the site, you only need the network addresses of open publications from the social platform.

Saving on a personal computer

There are several methods on how to download a story from Instagram to Android and computers, laptops.

When working with a PC, there are several basic methods:

  • By viewing the page code;
  • Using special browser extensions;
  • Via a bot in Telegram;
  • Through archiving.

These options have their pros and cons. If you don’t want to go to complicated methods or save videos rarely, it is better to use the Save-inst downloader. Working with the site does not require any special skills or proficiency in using computers.

Through browser extensions

Developers release various extensions to download video stories from Instagram in a few clicks. Most of them are created for the popular Chrome browser, but they will work in a program on a similar engine (Brave, Yandex and others).

The utilities are installed directly into the browser, increasing its functionality and adding the necessary capabilities. There are several popular and workable add-ons that work well with Instagram.

Downloader for Instagram

A small addition to the browser, expands the functions of the virtual platform with the ability to download various files. Downloader allows you to save videos and photos with a few clicks.

For installation:

  1. Go to your browser extension store;
  2. Enter the query “Downloader” in the search bar and click on it;
  3. Click on the install function, grant the add-on the necessary permissions.

When you open a site with a social network, the content transfer function will appear in the upper left corner. If the option does not appear, check if Downloader is activated in the settings.

Save IG Live Story

The add-on is designed directly to download other people’s stories from Instagram. It is installed and used in the same way as the previous one, but does not allow saving videos and images. It can also be used for a similar procedure in other browsers: FireFox, Opera.

Insta Video Downloader

A very simple tool for getting video content from the site. After installation, an active Download button will appear on the pages. Suitable for uploading videos, photos and other types of data.

Downloading other people’s posts without programs

The Telegram messenger has gained immense popularity among users around the world, has long ceased to be just a means of communication through chats and calls. The developers offer many bots with useful functionality. For example, IstaSave allows you to upload any content from user accounts to the device.
To receive a data packet:

  1. Enter IstaSave messenger in the search;
  2. Join the dialogue with the bot;
  3. Choose the language of interaction;
  4. Send the address of the desired publication to the chat;
  5. Wait for the download.

The IstaSave bot supports the same functionality with any kind of user generated content. The transfer of files takes place quickly to the system downloads folder on the user’s smartphone or computer.

Basic download method

For 24 hours while the placement is published, users can upload them to themselves. The method works on both mobile and stationary versions of the social network.
How to carry out the procedure:

  1. Log into your Instagram account or just a website / app;
  2. Go to the profile you are interested in, start video playback;
  3. Find and press the “More” button during playback;
  4. Select the item that activates the receipt of the record.

Please note that the function works only during video playback. The transfer can only be made during the period when the post is published. Also, within the framework of mobile programs, you can download separately a photo and video or a full story. If you want the second option, select the “save all” menu item.

Adding to the section Actual

The section with current entries appeared relatively recently. It is located in the profile, next to the user’s biography section. Information in Topical will be stored forever until the owner of the profile deletes them himself. Even content that is usually subject to automatic removal, when added to this section, will persist for a long period.
This method is suitable if you do not want to fill up the device memory. To add user-generated content to Relevant, click on the circle with a plus on the left side of the main menu of the page. The system will download recent content archives. Any placements can be added to this section.

Archiving connection

The data archiving function will help protect content from automatic deletion. The entries will disappear from the main profile page in a day, but will be transferred to the archive. Archiving the data will not make the information publicly available, but it will remain with the owner.
With archiving, content can be viewed, downloaded, or republished. In addition, the archive supports the automatic upload of videos and photos to the smartphone gallery. How to set up archiving:

  • Open Instagram on your computer or phone, log in to your account;
  • Open the settings section by tapping the button with three parallel lines;
  • Go to the “Confidential” subsection;
  • Activate the archiving mode in the information transfer menu, and also enable automatic sending to the gallery.

This online platform, despite its friendly interface and attempts to become user-friendly, does not have all the functions that will be needed in different situations.

Save-inst loader will help you to receive any user-generated content from Instagram without installing additional programs and extensions. The service is suitable even for users who do not have their own profile, but need to download certain items.

Can I download a story from someone else's profile?

You can download a story from someone else's account. But only on condition that the user's page is open.

How to open and view stories on your phone?

After downloading, you can view the story in the "Downloads" folder.

Where are stories downloaded?

Stories, like other media files, are downloaded to the Downloads folder.

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